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Pull Out Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Mould Tool / Pull-Out Racking

Heavy-Duty Mould Tool Racking systems are compact and optimally adapted to the inventory.

Perfect for storing heavy items (e.g. injection Mould Tools, punching tools, and drives)

63% Pull Out Shelf @ 2000 Kgs       100% Pull Out Shelf @ 2000 Kgs

Easy loading with lifting gear.


Heavy Duty Pull Out Racking

Designed for unit loads of up to 10,000 kg and, also available in various widths and heights to suit your requirements,

It is also possible to equip the heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems with side panels, rear panels, covers and doors to protect the stored items from dirt.

63% Pull Out Shelf @ 2000 Kgs

  100% Pull Out Shelf @ 2000 Kgs

63% Pull Out Shelf @ 2500 Kgs.


Pull Out Racking Benefits

  • Maximum stability thanks to welded sheet steel construction
  • Perfect for heavy loads
  • Unit loads up to 2000 kg and 10.000Kgs with Electric actuator
  • Stored items secured by sliding doors, roller shutters (on request), side and rear panels
  • Loading with crane and forklift possible
  • Longitudinal and traverse storage of pallets possible
  • Can be extended later

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