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Fireproof Pull Out Racking

Fireproof Pull out Tool / Storage is compact and optimally adapted to the storing Heavy inventory.


What are the most important assets in your business!

Every time there are flames within a business or property, you will more than likely lose everything in that building.

This is due to item's being lost to fire and those items that might have been salvaged, getting drenched by water from the sprinklers or the Fire Service extinguishing the fire.

Some of the reasons why even if the items are rescued, they'll still become useless.


Secure your companies Assets

You must think of the technology,Fireproof Racking will give you peace of mind and maximize the protection of your business.  can you afford not to?


Fireproof Pull Out Racking Benefits

Three forms of defence are supplied by Fireproof Racking.

  • Protection from fire
  • Protection from water
  • Protection from theft


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