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Honeycomb Rack


max. 1000 m min. 100 mm max. 7000 m max. 2000 kg


Honeycomb Rack

The Rack Storage UK Limited honeycomb rack with extractable cassettes offers an ideal overview of all your bars.

You wish to extend your warehouse with a storage platform and use the storage space underneath efficiently? With the honeycomb rack, a quick-access rack, we offer you the perfect solution for the storage of your material and steel. It is ideal for large halls and also low storerooms and can therefore be adapted to your special requirements.

Advantages of the drawer racks for bulky goods:

  1. Custom-made
    Ideal for halls or low storerooms
  2. Combinable
    Well suited in conjunction with mezzanines
  3. Quick access
    Cassettes can be loaded using a crane or forklift truck
  4. Clear material arrangement
    Good overview of the material stock
  5. Extendible
    Easily removable system in durable construction.
  6. Protective rack
    The protective handling of storage goods prevents damage to the sensitive material surfaces
  7. 100% access with trolley
    Cassettes can be extracted 100% so that the storage goods can be fully accessed
  8. 30% to 60% manual extraction

Working method:

The rack is designed in modular honeycomb construction and can be extended practically unlimited. The cassettes consist of two longitudinal supports, fixed side supports and flanged wheels, installed mounted in ball bearings.


  • Robust steel construction
  • Base frame: Consists of 2 welded fields with 5 shelves each for a total of 10 cassettes.
  • Connection field: Connects 2 base fields; for 5 cassettes, consists of an insertable pair of carriers per shelf that are used to connect the next base rack.
  • Load capacity of up to 2,000 per extractable cassette
  • Standard colour: Blue frame, RAL 5012; blood orange cassette, RAL 2002

Individual, custom-made honeycomb racks:

Custom paint coats available in all RAL colours.

Accessories for the rigid honeycomb racks:

  • Shelf labels
  • Honeycomb rack adapter for fork arms
  • Hydraulic trolley including adapter
  • Electric stacker including adapter
  • Various colours / custom paint coats in all RAL colours

Safety thanks to rack inspection

Cassette racks require mandatory inspection. As safety is always a top priority, we offer rack inspections according to DIN EN 15635. Serious accidents and high repair costs can be avoided by effectively preventing damage to the storage equipment! Our TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate) certified rack checker provides the annual safety check for your warehouse equipment in accordance with DIN EN 15635 according to BGR 234.