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Rack Storage (UK) Limited


Rack Storage (UK) Limited are a specialist supplier of storage solutions in the UK dedicated to the fast and efficient supply of Heavy Duty, Pallet Racking, Industrial and Office, Shelving, Mezzanine Floors and all types of specialist racking.


Our products are sourced from the UK and worldwide to ensure the best value for money is obtained whilst retaining outstanding quality. We deliver to anywhere in the UK and many of our products are delivered to an agreed delivery date.


We will happily provide a FREE site visit and inspection, we will measure, design, quote, deliver and install projects of any size or complexity. Many of our customers are large prestigious Companies or Institutions and they come back to us regularly for all their future storage requirements.


Rack Storage (UK) Limited specialise in the supply of storage, racking and shelving systems for industrial, commercial and consumer use. From basic multi-purpose shelving systems to extensive factory, warehousing, pallet racking, mezzanine floors and shelving systems for retail product display. Whether it’s supplying you with a small number of standard shelving bays or multi bay layout, we are delighted to deliver the most appropriate service for you.


At Rack Storage (UK) Limited we aim to make your experience a pleasure, with a friendly, informative attititude and a no-fuss approach. We exceed customers expectations by providing low cost, easy to assemble shelving and racking for all your storage needs, combined with guaranteed quality.


With Heavy Duty Roll-Out Shelving, simply roll out shelves for easy loading and unloading. This shelving also features a heavy duty load capacity with its per shelf capacity up to 2,000 kgs.

Heavy Duty Roll-Out Shelving offers:

• Capacity per shelf of 2,000kgs.

• Total uniform capacity of 15,000 kgs.

• Shelves roll out to a full extension for convenient loading and retrieving.

• Individual shelf heights are adjustable on 90mm centers.

• Shelves can be fully extended one at a time.

• Shelves can be locked in the extended position for maximum safety.

• All-steel construction.


Pull-out shelving, stores heavy Mould tool, fixtures and machinery. Can be easily loaded and unloaded with a crane, overhead hoist, forklift or stacker truck.

Pull Out Racks for mould tools and large, difficult to handle or difficult to store products. Saves your valuable floor space and keeps your mould tools intact and protected.Consist ingof Pull Out shelves for easy loading and unloading of mould tools. Used in various industries like Plastics, Rubber and Automotive

Cantilever Racks are generally designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads like timber or metal storage. Our cantilever rack systems are a cost effective weight storage solution.